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We support our Podortho® Foot Specialist members to succeed while they provide
quality client care with a Regulated Health Care Providers caring approach

The Ontario Foot Care Association values our educational partners who offer advanced post graduate continuing education that considers all Practitioners entry to practice competencies to build a solid career in medical foot & lower limb care. Our commitment to high level education ensures our member Podortho® Foot Specialists have acquired the appropriate theoretical knowledge, skill and judgment to translate this information into their clinical individual scope of practice safely and competently. 

Our Resource Care Partners provide education, equipment, instruments and products to advance there careers and provide exceptional foot and lower limb care throughout our communities across Ontario and Canada to service our active, growing and aging population.

Health Care Providers will benefit from aligning with experts in this specialized field of care with our ongoing advocation and supportive tools. Our members offer this community care that aligns with our provincial governments new access to care initiative thus decreasing stress on our public health care institutions. Keeping our communities mobile, pain free and living their best health related quality of life. 


* Professional Development

* Live Demonstrations

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* Information Sharing

* Positive Learning Environment

* Wellness Marketplace

* Expert Panel Discussions



2023 Foot Care and Wellness Conference

October 14, 2023 | 9am-5pm

The Heights of Horseshoe Ski Resort
Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge & skills!

What does it take to become a podortho® foot specialist

Important Information for Podortho® Foot Specialist Members

Podortho® Foot Specialists are Hiring!

Ontario’s Plan for Improved Healthcare

COVID-19 Long Term Care

CNO - Expanding the RPN Scope of Practice

CNO - Quality Assurance - Continuing Education & Competencies

Ontario Nurses Scope of Practice-Proposed Changes (CNO, 2022)

Regulated Health Professions Act 1991

Quick Reference Tool-RHCP-Scopes of Practice

HPRAC Report on the Ontario Model of Foot Care 2015

VIEW THE Podortho® Foot Specialist CORE COMPETENCIES

Podortho Foot Specialists Pillars of Treatments

Podortho® Foot Specialist’s Mandate

The Ontario Foot Care Association mandate Is to support members by promoting the role of the Podortho® Foot Specialist in career objectives to work in an interdisciplinary health care setting or outside the traditional regulatory system allowing for Practitioner creativity, innovation, critical thinking and independence in practise.

Our foot care training programs will provide practitioners with the knowledge, skills and competence in foot care and lower limb care. They will obtain the knowledge needed to treat many different lower limb conditions including diabetic foot care.

Podortho® Foot Specialist’s Practice Statement

Podortho® Foot Specialists are health care providers that specialize in the field of Advanced Foot and Lower Limb Care. The primary objective of a Podortho® Foot Specialist is to optimize foot and lower limb health, improve client mobility and one’s overall health related quality of life. This is achieved by performing lower leg and foot assessments, which has been known to detect early signs of life-altering diseases or disabling conditions. In conjunction, Podortho® Foot Specialists develop and implement a plan of care, evaluate patient outcomes, while working as part of an interdisciplinary health care team or independently to provide quality client care.

Podortho® Foot Specialist Foot Care Teaching Mission

The Ontario Foot Care Association's mission Is to facilitate the integration of the Podortho® Foot Specialist into the public health sector whereby the Podortho® Foot Specialist works in a number of different health care settings including but not limited to, Long term care facilities, clinics, hospitals, home care settings and private practice. Podortho® Foot Specialists assess patient’s health care requirements of the lower limb and foot and treat the entire body focusing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual side of each individual patient.

Podortho® Foot Specialists support and facilitate patient education regarding their general health and conditions and how it relates to their foot health teaching preventative measures to reduce foot and lower limb complications.

Podortho® Foot Specialists utilize their advanced skills and extensive regulated health care provider entry to practice competencies to specialize in quality foot and lower limb care. Focused on patient centered concerns, working alongside other disciplines, or in independent practice.

Podortho® Foot Specialist Education

The Ontario Foot Care Association's goals are to facilitate and promote the role of the Podortho® Foot Specialist by encouraging high quality comprehensive continuing education programs that are consistent with the Ontario Foot Care Associations Core Competencies which includes;

Foot Health Promotion & Health Teaching
Diabetic Care
Foot Hygiene
Maintenance Care
Preventative Care
Rehabilitative Care
Fall Risk Prevention
Wound Care
Nail & Skin Care
Off Loading Strategies
Non-Prescription Orthotic Care
Non invasive Conservative Treatments
Vascular Assessments
Compression Therapy
Holistic Lower Limb Lymphatic/Edema Care

Podortho® Foot Specialists support and facilitate overall client health education and how various health conditions and/or co-morbidities relate to their foot health focusing on preventative measures to reduce foot and lower limb complications.

Podortho® Foot Specialists utilize their health care education and skilled training to deliver quality foot and lower limb care focusing on client centered concerns and foot health goals while providing care in independent or in multidisciplinary practices.

Our Podortho® Foot Specialist Foot Care Education Vision

To certify Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses with the title Podortho® Foot Specialist who have specialized in post graduate studies of foot and lower limb care though continued education initiatives.

To make recommendations to educational facilities to increase the level of education for Nurses specializing in Foot and lower limb care through continuing education initiatives.

Recommend training for Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses who wish to specialize in Foot and Lower limb care to private educational facilities and, community colleges standardizing a minimum 180-hour nursing foot care training courses.

To educate the public and advance provincial and national recognition of the Foot Care Nurse through the appropriate channels of legislation.

To lead Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses to best practice in foot and lower limb care within their role allowing that to broaden with the continued changes in health care within our governing body encouraging best practice educational initiatives.

To decrease the barriers presented to Podortho® Foot Specialists in the industry that are providing care to their patients.

To support Nurses to become more recognized for their respected education in Nursing and specialty area of foot and lower limb care as regulated health care providers.

Our Association Would Not Succeed Without Our Supporters

Our Resource Care Partners are dedicated to the advancement of the Podortho® Foot Specialists profession

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📈 Professional Growth: Expand your skills and expertise in healthcare, business management, and leadership.

🏛️ Building a Legacy: Create a lasting impact in your community and establish a reputation for quality care and service.

⚕️ Contribution to Healthcare: Improve patient outcomes and enhance quality of life by specializing in foot health.

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