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OFCA’s Resource Care Partners (RCP) is comprised of Podortho® Foot Specialist industry firms and suppliers dedicated to the advancement of foot and lower limb care provincially and nationally. RCP members recognize the important role that Foot Care Specialists (Nurses, Pedorthists, Kinesiologists & many other Regulated Health Care Providers) play in the interdisciplinary field of foot and lower limb care.

Resource Care Partners (RCP) recognize and support our Podortho Foot Specialists members in their quest to deliver essential care, improving overall population health and wellness.

Prevention and quality client care is a core value our OFCA members and RCP uphold.

OFCA, Podortho Foot Specialists ensure our communities have accessible. Solution oriented care delivered by qualified health care providers thus decrease the many risks of foot and lower limb complications.

Feet for Life Medical Foot Care Ltd. is a Nurse LED foot and lower limb care practice & Nursing education facility. Our care is delivered by Podortho® Foot Specialists (Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, and Nurse Practitioners) who are Regulated Health Care Providers (RHCP) and registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).

Our multidisciplinary Foot Care Clinic provides quality care with a Foot Care Nurses (RN’s, RPN’s) caring approach. Nurses are Regulated Health Care Practitioners governed by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

Podortho® Foot Specialists have obtained advanced specialized foot and lower limb post graduate education and skilled training to provide every client with comprehensive, solution oriented treatments.

Most reputable private health insurance companies will cover medical foot care delivered by all Regulated Health Care Providers including Nurses, Pedorthists, Kinesiologists & many others who have acquired post graduate education and skilled advanced clinical training in foot and lower limb care. 

The Ontario Foot Care Association is thrilled to partner with Canadian Podiatry Canada Healthcare Inc (CPC). who have been a supplier/distributor of premium foot care products since 1982. CPC will assist Podortho® Foot Specialists with their purchases of quality equipment, instruments, and supplies to support their practice with friendly, knowledgeable advice.

Staff are educated on the latest IPAC, SCA and Public Health Standards on reprocessing and they are available to help with any questions our members may have.

CPC supports OFCA’s mandate to continue to raise the bar for Nurse who have specialize in Advanced Medical Foot and Lower Limb care. Increased education and training for Foot Care Nurses in an expanded role ensures they are providing a whole patient care approach working within their full scope of practice to provide top quality care for their clients.

CPC is pleased to be a Resource Care Partner (RCP) for the Ontario Foot Care Association.

For more information about CPC and the services and products they offer contact;

Cathleen Silcox

CPC Healthcare Inc.


A member of OHI’s growing family of companies focused on treating conditions and diseases of the lower extremities, The Orthotic Group was founded in 1985 as a professional services company dedicated to the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients. The company has built thousands of relationships unified around first-quality custom orthotics, super-responsive service and a truly innovative approach to the orthotic business.

160 Markland Street

Markham, Ontario L6C 0C6, Canada

Office 800-551-3008/Fax 877-551-3001


Healthy, Clear Nails Made Simple

The Erchonia Lunula Laser uses low-level laser light to treat foot fungus and requires very little time or set-up for physicians or their staff. It’s the only system you can turn on and walk away—the device is already pre-set. In fact, as little as four 12-minute sessions are needed to treat the affected area.

The Erchonia Lunula Laser is the simple and painless solution to effectively treat onychomycosis. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of all study treated toenails evaluated in this study met the study individual success criteria. The average clear nail growth was an increase in 5.18mm*.

The Lunula Laser® Advantage:

No pain, no downtime, and no risk // Proven effective // No consumables for increased ROI // Clearing of the nail bed within six months

As you will quickly learn, Lunula is supported by an unwavering clinical foundation of both histological and clinical evidence that upholds the viability of this approach and ensures an effective treatment for your patients suffering with onychomycosis. In fact, Lunula is so unique, Erchonia has filed multiple method and device patents specific to Lunula.

12 Bradwick Drive, Unit 10

Concord, ON L4K 3P6, Canada

Office 905-669-1154


Questor Financial Corp

For over 18 years Questor Financial has developed partnerships with key banks and financial institutions to become an award-winning Canadian brokerage. While we represent the finance companies, we work for you to help your business grow and to make leasing easy.

Whether you are a business manager looking for sage advice and flexible solutions to complement your bank financing, or a vendor looking to harness the power of leasing to help sell your products and services, we structure solutions.

We provide financing for all types of equipment and all ticket sizes. Hardware, software, and services can all be financed, facilitating equipment sales with one simple monthly payment.

How we do it is best in class, but why we do it is a clear commitment to making it easy for you to grow your business.

675 Cochrane Drive, East Tower, 6th Floor

Markham, ON L3R 0B8, Canada

Office 905-695-0955


BioFlex Laser Therapy Training is now available for nurses and other RHCP/Podortho Foot Specialists.  (complementary certification for OFCA members)

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) now known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), is a stimulatory, healing therapy based on the principle of increasing cellular metabolism via photochemical reactions in mitochondria. Specific wavelengths and dosages in the red and near infrared range are known to accelerate tissue healing, decrease inflammation, pain, and edema in a non-invasive manner with no known side effects and few contraindications.

PBMT has been historically indicated for wound care including lower limb diabetic ulcers and recalcitrant wounds secondary to circulatory conditions. Growing evidence-based peer reviewed research has also resulted in PBMT being indicated for many commonly treated foot and lower limb conditions treated by Foot Care Nurses including ligament sprains, arthritis, muscle strains, cartilage tears, tendinopathies, neuropathies, fascial tears, compartment syndromes and other commonly treated injuries and disorders.

This BIOFLEX laser therapy training course is designed specifically for Foot Care Nurses and provides fundamental education in PBMT that includes mechanisms of actions, physics, dosaging, parameters, safety, history, research, and clinical applications. The goal of this training is to ensure the Foot Care Nurse has developed the knowledge, skill and posses’ superior competencies to treat with PBMT in their individual clinical practice.

OFCA members simply login here and start learning to advance your practice and support your client’s needs. For Podortho® Foot Specialists to participate in this program they must become members of OFCA and meet the Podortho® Foot Specialist Core Competencies (FCNCC).

Canadian Nurses Protective Society: More than liability protection

The Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) is a not-for-profit society that offers legal advice, risk-management services, legal assistance, and professional liability protection related to nursing practice in Canada. The CNPS has over 140,000 nurse beneficiaries across Canada of all nursing designations and its core protection is a requirement of practice in 11 of 13 provinces and territories. 

Read more about the CNPS’ Core Services, which include professional liability protection that meets CNO requirements. Please note that in Ontario, CNPS Services are only accessible via direct registration on the CNPS website.  More than professional liability protection, CNPS is a legal support system available to provide confidential legal and risk management advice to nurses as required on a day-to-day basis.

Looking for assistance in the case that a complaint is made about your care to your nursing regulator?

While CNPS Core Services (which includes professional liability protection) has a broad scope of protection, it does not extend to complaints made to the CNO about your care. An existing CNPS beneficiary who is currently eligible for core services (PLP) has the option to apply for the Supplementary Protection program, which expands the circumstances in which they can seek assistance from the CNPS to College complaints.

Looking for additional educational resources about operating a business or independent practice?  

The CNPS offers a wide variety of educational resources for nurses who operate a business or who are independent practitioners. Additionally, CNPS beneficiaries have access a wide variety of educational resources, including webinars and case studies. View Independent Practice resources.

Did you know that the CNPS also offers free educational resources (including webinars) to nursing students?

Class IV Laser: The Next Generation Summus Medical Lasers – The World’s First Smart Laser System

Summus Medical Lasers has Health Canada approval to promote all 3 models of their Class IV Therapeutic Lasers (Horizon, Platinum 4 and H1), offering you a greater choice to meet both your clinical and financial needs. 

H1: Excellent Introductory Class IV Laser

(15 Watts in CW, 16 Watt ISP) has 3 wavelengths 650nm, 810nm and 915nm – 165+ protocols.

Platinum 4: Great Clinical Laser

(24 Watt in CW, 28 Watt ISP) has 4 wavelengths 650, 810, 915, and 980nm – 1300+ protocols. 

Horizon:  Most advanced Laser available in Canada.

(24 Watt in CW, 28 Watt ISP) has 4 wavelengths 650, 810, 915, and 980nm with independent power control through each wavelength – 30,000+ protocols

With the Summus Class IV Laser you can deliver a greater therapeutic dosage of infrared laser light to relatively larger and deeper volumes of tissue in a clinically expedient period of time achieving superior results. As a drug-free solution the Summus Laser is proven to be 90% effective at treating the symptoms of neuropathy.

Since 2010, OPSWA has grown substantially. We have become the official voice for PSWs with Media across our nation and Federal & Provincial Governments. OPSWA is currently advocating the Ontario Government for Recognition and Respect for the PSWs and have been successful in helping create and pass Bill 283 for Regulation of Personal Support Workers. 
We continuously strive to improve the professional status of the Personal Support Workers of Ontario through advocacy for excellence and consistency in training, services, working conditions, and value to those we serve.

Established in 1995, Wounds Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of wound prevention and management. We accomplish this by advocating for a population health approach that promotes best practices to support persons at risk of or living with wounds, health decision makers and frontline clinicians. We develop and provide educational programs and resources as well as support research to further advance this holistic, risk-based approach. We foster relationships with interested individuals and organizations to expand and sustain a robust wound community in Canada that also has mutually beneficial global connections. Our goal is to reduce the prevalence and incidence of wounds of all types and the negative consequences they bring—including patient suffering and wasted health-care dollars. 

To leave no stone unturned in our quest to increase awareness of the importance of healthy feet as an integral part of general wellbeing, We are committed to be the world’s leading foot care company by providing foot care professionals around the world the means to give an exceptional foot care experience with transformational products and educational services.

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