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Registration with the Ontario Foot Care Association and use of the Trademark title Podortho® Foot Specialist.

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  • Insurance Guidelines with Downloadable Forms
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Continue to lobby Insurance Providers to recognize your care regardless of where it is performed. In home, clinic, hospital, LTC, any facility. Care is care. OFCA Director’s have been successful with many insurance providers and will continue to advocate for fairness and recognition of our Regulated Health Care Providers Podortho® Foot Specialists who have obtained advanced post graduate education in training and provide the best and most comprehensive quality care in the industry.

OFCA educates the public, stakeholders, allied health care providers, supporting associations and colleges in relation to the extensive education and care Podortho® Foot Specialists provide in communities across Ontario.

Podortho® Nurses are First Nurses who are registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) who are highly educated and trained in the medical profession and required to meet all professional competencies to acquire their designation with the CNO. In addition to this Podortho® Nurses have engaged in advanced post graduate education and skills training in order to provide comprehensive foot and lower limb care to appropriately service the public in the province of Ontario within their scope of Nursing practice.

OFCA has built relationships with our Resource Care Partners (RCP’s) / Vendors to offer special discounted rates on products, technologies, instruments and equipment for our members. These special offers are located in the members section titled “Foot Tools” of OFCA’s website.

Upgrade knowledge, advance and grow your practice by obtaining continuing education through OFCA.
Incorporate new services and utilize OFCA’s Directors researched foot and lower limb care products.

Podortho® Foot Specialists will learn how to conduct biomechanical assessments of the foot and lower limb, prescribe, and dispense orthotics, assess the vascular status of your clients, offer compression therapy, treat foot pain and discomfort by incorporating non-invasive photodynamic therapy, clear onychomycosis with a new Health Canada approved system that eliminates the need for surgical intervention often performed by Chiropodists.
No need to refer your clients away from your practice and lose business revenue anymore. These revolutionary new therapies are now available to our members. OFCA has worked with our RCP and Educators to customize these programs and to ensure these treatments and therapies are safe, effective, and fully within a Nurses scope of practice to initiate and deliver without an order.

As the need for more qualified regulated health care providers grow in this specialized industry OFCA will be here to support our members so they can continue to provide quality comprehensive care with a Nurses caring approach.

Add your company name to our Find a Podortho® Foot Specialist tool so clients can locate you and the services you offer.

OFCA’s FCNCC promote best practice in foot and lower limb care performed by Podortho® Foot Specialists.

OFCA members are celebrated for their extensive Nursing knowledge, judgement, and skill.

In addition, Podortho® Foot Specialists have obtained post graduate continuing education in medical foot and lower limb care thereby, providing a comprehensive approach to the whole client addressing their health care needs and goals.

Quality Podortho® Foot Specialist Foot and Lower Limb Care is essential in order to meet the needs of a growing and aging population. Podortho® Foot Specialists are needed and well positioned to step into this role to meet the needs of the public and promote active and comfortable lifestyles, improve mobility and the general health and wellbeing in our communities across Ontario.

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The NOHFC maintains staff to manage the day-to-day operations and financial affairs of the NOHFC in accordance with Ontario government directives, guidelines and policies, the NOHFC’s mandate and approved business plan. Staff are located in offices in Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Terrace Bay and Sudbury.

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The Enhance Your Community Funding Stream is designed to support priorities of northern communities and organizations that contribute to a healthy and strong community.

The Community Enhancement Program is designed to help build strong and resilient Northern communities through infrastructure investments, to upgrade / repair existing assets to improve community quality of life, economic development infrastructure and strategic economic development initiatives.

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The Rural Enhancement Funding Stream is designed to support priorities of rural communities to contribute to healthy and strong communities.

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