Ontario Foot Care Association

Cindy Baillargeon

OFCA Secretary

Cindy Baillargeon

RPN, Podortho® Foot Specialist, Owner Northern Feet Health Clinic South River, Ontario

Cindy is a Registered Practical Nurse and Foot Care Nurse who specializes in foot and lower limb healthcare. In combination with her growing foot care practice in northern Ontario, she works as a community and administrative nurse. Cindy earned her Practical Nursing diploma in 2015, with complementary studies in nutrition, psychology, and abnormal psychology. During her lengthy nursing career, she completed postgraduate studies in Foot Care Nursing, at Feet for Life School of Foot Care Nursing, and has obtained specialties in wound care, custom orthotic therapy and medical compression therapy. She has also earned IV & Phlebotomy Therapy and Coronary Care certificates.

Cindy is passionate about advocating for full scope nursing and holistic healing practices, with an upstream approach to health. She holds a valid license with the College of Nurses of Ontario and is insured with the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario (WeRPN). She has been recognized over the years volunteering and obtaining achievements and awards.

Cindy is an active board member of the Ontario Foot Care Association Inc (OFCA), and leader in advocating for industry growth in nursing foot and lower limb healthcare. Cindy has developed and authored many documents for the OFCA, in partnership with associate directors.

Cindy’s experience in customer service, business and bookkeeping will serve the OFCA well in her position as board secretary. OFCA is pleased to have Cindy as part of our growing organization and team of Foot Care Nurses in active practice.