Ontario Foot Care Association

Deborah Waywell

Director of Public Relations

Deborah Waywell

RPN, Podortho® Foot Specialist, Wound Care Specialist Owner Nurse My Feet Windsor, Ontario

Deborah has delivered Nursing care for decades in multiple disciplines such as; sports medicine, mental health, long term care, and in primary care. Deborah believes active listening is paramount to a Nurses provision of care and through nursing assessments best identify the care her clients require. Deborah recognizes the importance of a whole patient care approach. Deborah believes Nurses must have the opportunity to work to their full scope of professional practice to acquired individual competencies in their specialized field and the importance multidisciplinary care. She has dedicated her time to communities in other countries enriching many lives by joining a team of Physicians, Nurses and Pharmacists on five medical missionary trips to Guatemala providing Nursing care to assist with treating and healing local indigenous Mayan Villagers.

Deborah is an advocate of continuing education. She values the opportunities her Nursing career has provided and the sound base of knowledge she acquired through her entry to practices. Deborah has matured in the field of Nursing and has continued to enrich her skills and education in post graduate studies in foot and lower limb and wound care. She continues to seek learning opportunities to competently provide new techniques and implement new technologies into her clinic at Nurse My Feet. She has built collaborative relationships with many physicians and allied health care providers in her community. Deborah has provided Foot Care Education at St. Clair College for many years and continued to upgrade her own education and skills in this area as a Foot Care Nurse member and Director of Public Relations for the Ontario Foot Care Association Inc. Her Podortho Nursing education has provided her with many additional advanced skills and knowledge to provide quality essential care at her clinic. Deborah and her team treat many medical foot and lower limb conditions with conservative adjunctive treatments and therapies, ensuring her clients continue to remain active, mobile, and healthy.

As OFCA’s Director of Public Relations Deborah will promote the Foot Care Nursing role in Communities across Ontario and convey the accessibility of essential Foot Care Nursing care in our underserviced communities across Ontario. Deborah is delighted to join OFCA’s team of progressive Foot Care Nurses, Clinic Owners, Educators, and Directors.

OFCA Director’s wish to welcome Deborah to our progressive and dedicated team who place their members and their clients first.